2019 Annual Meeting

    4th Annual Crops in silico Symposium & Hackathon

    Opening Keynote: May 1

    Symposium and Workshop: May 2-3

    Hackathon: May 3

    Urbana, Illinois


    Symposium and Workshop: Expanding the Framework

    The Symposium will broadly highlight advancements in plant biology gained from modeling, big data collection and analysis, and computation. The goal of the Symposium is to explore the interests and needs of the plant and computer science communities for building virtual crops. The accompanying workshop provides an opportunity engagement and collaboration.

    Hackathon: Lowering the Barriers to Model Integration

    To build on the success of the Hackathon last year, we include another one that will further lower the barriers to collaborate on model integration within the Crops in silico community.
    The Hackathon will consist of short tutorials alternating with practical exercise that will guide participants through model integration using the Crops in silico framework, which enables communication, orchestration, and transformation.
    Computer programmers, software developers, interface designers and plant biologists will work side-by-side during this hands-on event. Only basic knowledge of coding and version control will be necessary.



    Registration for the Symposium and Workshop is free and includes lunch thanks to generous support from the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment at the University of Illinois. You must register by March 31 to be considered for a presentation.

    Register as a speaker >>>

    Register as an attendee (and indicate if you’d like to present a poster or lightning talk) >>>


    The Crops in silico organizers are committed to increasing diversity at the Symposium and Workshop and have therefore set aside funds to support the participation of eligible underrepresented minority students, faculty, and scientists. Applicants are encouraged to apply for funding early by noting your needs on the registration form. Support is limited and available at the organizer’s discretion.


    The poster session will provide an opportunity for individuals to present their research and offers an excellent venue for extended informal discussion with meeting attendees. Submit your poster abstract on the registration form.


    Half of the speaker slots will be open for any member of the Crops in silico community. If you feel you are, or want to be, a member of the community and want to share your work, we encourage you to apply for either a full presentation slot (15 minutes plus question time) or a lightning talk (five minutes total) on our registration form. We especially encourage early career participants (grad students and postdocs) to present their research. Note that in case of more interest than time available we will make a selection based on variety of topic and fit with the overall program. Submit your application to be a speaker (and your title talk and abstract) on the registration form; you must register by March 31 to be considered for a presentation. 

    Keynote Speaker

    Graeme Hammer

    Crop Science Professor and Director of the Centre for Crop Science in the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI), University of Queensland, Australia

    Dr. Hammer conducts research on the physiology and genetics of complex adaptive traits in field crops with a focus on water productivity in cereals. His research underpins the development of mathematical models of crop growth, development and yield that enable simulation of consequences of genetic and management manipulation of crops in specific target environments. His research approach provides unique opportunities to aid crop management and design for enhanced production in water-limited environments; enhance the utility of molecular breeding for drought adaptation; and identify avenues to cope with climate risks in field crop production. He is a Fellow of the Australian Agriculture Institute and was awarded the Australian Medal for Agricultural Science in 2013 and Farrer Memorial Medal in 2012.



    Information on the schedule, our 2019 keynote, and other speakers is coming soon!


    Attendees must arrange their own lodging. There is a block of rooms at the Hampton Inn under “Crops in silico” but plenty of other places to stay in the Champaign-Urbana area. However, you will need to secure your own transportation to and from the meeting.


    Steve Long

    Departments of Plant Biology and Crop Sciences, University of Illinois

    Amy Marshall-Colon

    Department of Plant Biology, University of Illinois

    Matt Turk

    School of Information Sciences and Department of Astronomy, University of Illinois


    The Symposium will be held at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications on the University of Illinois campus.

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