Crops in silico research at the University of Illinois is an integrative and multi-scale modeling platform to combine modeling efforts toward the generation of virtual crops, which is open and accessible to the global Crops in silico community.

    What are we going to eat?

    Multiscale computational models can guide experimentation and targeted measurements for crop improvement

    Bedrich Benes, Kaiyu Guan, Meagan Lang, Stephen P. Long, Jonathan P. Lynch, Amy Marshall‐Colón, Bin Peng, James Schnable, Lee J. Sweetlove, and Matthew J. Turk

    The Plant Journal

    Voxel Carving Based 3D Reconstruction of Sorghum Identifies Genetic Determinants of Radiation Interception Efficiency

    Mathieu Gaillard, Chenyong Miao, James C. Schnable, and Bedrich Benes

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