James Schnable

    Agronomy & Horticulture Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
    Research Focus:

    James’ research group focuses on using both comparative genomics and new high-throughput phenotyping techniques to link genes to functions in maize, sorghum, and allied species such as foxtail and pearl millet. His lab is currently funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, The U.S. Department of Agriculture, ARPA-E, the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, and private industry. During his time at the University of Nebraska, he has collaborated with statisticians, engineers, biochemists, and applied plant breeders resulting in 43 peer-reviewed papers over the past four years. James has founded or co-founded three startups, including Dryland Genetics — which uses advanced breeding methods to develop higher yielding cultivars of naturally water use efficient crops.

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